Island kingdom, occupying the island of that name.

A chain of mountains, running east-west almost splits the island in two, and also serves as a climatic barrier.

The northern coast is cool, damp and rugged, with small areas of mixed forest. As one gets closer to the mountains, the forests get denser and some portals to the Feywild exist in the deeper areas of the woods.

South of the mountains, the climate ranges from temperate (in the north and east) to almost sub-tropical (in the south and west). In the extreme south-west, the climate is tropical, with almost impenetrable jungle.

Slightly over 45% of the land area is occupied by the human Kingdom of Kalderia, with the balance being ruled by non human peoples, perhaps 25% being friendly or neutral, and 30% being hostile to the human kingdom.


Kalderia PCS5841