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  • Kalderia

    Kalderia: Island kingdom, occupying the island of that name. A chain of mountains, running east-west almost splits the island in two, and also serves as a climatic barrier. The northern coast is cool, damp and rugged, with small areas of mixed …

  • Kingdom of Kalderia

    The Kingdom of Kalderia occupies almost one half of the island of [[Kalderia]]. The Kingdom is ruled by [[:28721]] and his young [[:28722]] (see also [[Royal Family]]). The [[Kingdom of Kalderia]] fought for and gained its independance from the [[ …

  • Grunewald

    The town of Grunewald is on the edge of the [[Duchy of Corwayne]]. It hosts a market allowing the Duchy to trade with peoples from outside of the Kingdom. It is ruled by Lord Rhodri Halptmann, brother of the Duke of Corwayne.

  • Seven Duchies of Kalderia

    The [[Kingdom of Kalderia]] comprises seven dukedoms. They are: * [[Duchy of Iskendri]] - Ruled by [[:28721]] * [[Duchy of Stralenz]] - Ruled by [[:28728]] * [[Duchy of Verduz]] - Ruled by [[:28734]] * [[Duchy of Karelin]] - Ruled by [[:28735]] …

  • Places

    [[Kalderia]] [[Kingdom of Kalderia]] [[The Lost Lands]] xxx [[Kingdom of Bereneuil]]

  • Kingdom of Bereneuil

    The Kingdom of Bereneuil is a large mainland kingdom, many times larger than the island [[Kingdom of Kalderia]]. The royal family is the [[House of Du Shelle]], and the current King is [[:81757|Charles XI]]. There are a large number of noble houses, …

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